When Losing Everything Is Everything You Wanted

by Departures

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released June 28, 2011

recorded at Cro's Nest Studios by Sam Thredder, mastered by Jay Maas.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Fear Of Falling
Swallowed up, we're falling off the edge
Track Name: Swallowed Up
Swallowed up by another hollow year
Sleepless hours, just wishing it away
Swallowed up by another hollow year
Too many wasted hours
Trapped inside this dying love

Walking half asleep
Through all these woken dreams
Hoping one more step
Will take me where I want to be

So far away from this autumn of our love
And so far away from all the joy that I gave up

Inside this woken dream I dig out both my eyes and lock away my tongue
Inside this woken dream I’d said all I could say
And destroyed our yesterdays

Sorrow swept through us
Hammered at the cracks
Until our little world
Had fallen apart

Clinging on so tightly
To our dying love
Clinging on so tightly
I brace myself for the worst

Hiding my red eyes
I place my head inside my hands
Those red eyes give everything away
Those red eyes
Give me all away
I don’t want to exist inside this dying love

This dying love has woken me to often
This hurtful love as led my heart to hide away

This hurtful love has woken me to often
This dying love as led my heart to hide away
I don’t want to exist outside our dying love
I don’t want to exist inside this hurtful love
Track Name: Sunday
Walking this concrete wishing for the rain
Wishing for the rain without a cloud in the sky
Walking this concrete feeling so lost
Feeling so lost so close to your front door

It’s when the sun catches my eye
Strikes my heart every Sunday morning
It’s when I think of you most
And my heart sinks in mourning

I’ve never been back to see you
All alone in the ground
Where gold etched letters
Scream your name out loud

“Don’t worry” said the fear in his eyes
“Don’t worry son, I’m just waiting to die”

I’ll walk up and down these streets
These old familiar streets
But the concrete
Won’t feel like home to me
Track Name: Disappointment
This is the disappointment,
It's all unravelling
This is us unravelling

Passing out on these pillows that we used to share,
Lying to myself, helpless with myself
Thinking through dead end memories
What did you really mean to me?

Sick to my stomach
Just staring at these four walls
Its the saddest sight, I've not slept enough tonight
I've tried to talk myself out of this, but I'm all out of words

In this love story absent of the love,
Standing so close together
But our hearts are beating out of time
Clasping hands so tightly but we're barely holding on

I have to let you know
This goodbye will leave a stain on my mind
And as the words linger on our lips,
With this dying breath, we hang our heads

So as the train pulls away
I'll tell myself that I'm okay without you
And as my heart begins to pull away,
I tell myself i'll be okay
And I don't miss you,
I'm not missing you
Track Name: A Life In Pieces
Falling short of everything you ever thought you'd be
Losing hope in happy memories

Trapped in a life you never thought would be yours
Left to exist in denial
Weeks come and go wishing you could be someone else

But your dead weight is pulling you apart

Sitting outside of everything
Waiting for a life to start
These are your salad days
And they're quickly rotting away

Scratching out an existence against the backdrop of a troubled life,
Losing all your momentum to the pulsing of fluorescent lights
Scratching out an existence against the backdrop of a troubled life,
Losing all your momentum to the soundtrack of fluorescent lights

Just left screaming into open silence
Of "what could have been's" and "I wish I'd tried harder's"
Longing to be someone else, wishing to be someone else
Track Name: Remembrance
Waking up so cold
In this bed I’ve laced with sweat
Dripping in all my “used to be’s”
As I start to reminisce, I start to breathe it in
That nostalgic air

I remember thinking
Those were the days when the rain couldn't fall
I remember the deep blue skies
And not having a fucking care in the world

But I know it’s not real
And I can’t escape this
This air has filled my lungs
And I can’t breathe out

This nostalgic air is so fucking stale

How could I forget?
All the horror and all the regret

Those were never our beautiful days (forgetting, forgetting)
They will always be our darker days (forgetting, forgetting)
We were living through our darker days
Forgetting, forgetting
Track Name: The View From Below
Everything's the same,feeling so fucking drained
Voice stretched out across discordant tones that fill up my life
Maybe I'm just wrapped up in self pity
Or maybe it's the thought of all this repetition

My head is pounding,
But it's only silence coming out these headphones

I'll wait forever on a tomorrow that never comes,
It's all I have

Driving but I can't see the road anymore,
I always seem to miss the turn off
My tank is running so low
It's running scared because I've got nowhere to go

I've waited through this life,
Wading through a life I barely know as my own,
Giving up, instead of growing up
It's all I've ever known

The cycle has to end
And I'm still waiting

I'm just waiting for my guiding light to reignite

All my teenage dreams are coming back to laugh at me
But I'm climbing out this fucking hole
It's taking 24 years to dig

I'm waiting for my guiding light to reignite
Track Name: The Last Drive
I opened the car door and climbed inside
Trembling hands clutching broken pride
Stare through misted glass as my thoughts rewind
I was counting every breath, I was counting on the end

I just wanted a way out

As I pull out the street, it's now totally out of reach
And I keep repeating,
I don't care

This is what it's like when losing everything is everything that you wanted

I should have cut out my tongue and filled that room with silence,
That silence would never have brought me here
But sitting in this front seat as the mist begins to clear
I've never seen the rain look so beautiful

So now it's like our hands never touched,
It's like we never said goodbye

I couldn't have given it all away, because it was never really mine
I'll always cherish this Friday night, holding my pride so fucking tight
Track Name: Midnight Lights
My world is upside down
Everything is starting to fade out
I dream of living in brighter days
And not feeling so fucking far away

My world is upside down
All I can do is wait this out
With my heart in my mouth
I guess I’ll have to wait this out

I guess I'll have to wait it out

Take me out tonight
I feel like losing my fucking mind
Please take me out tonight
I don’t need to see beauty, I just need to feel alive

I thought this was over, that’s what you used to say
I thought this was over too
I never thought you could bring sorrow my way

Trying to figure out how we got this far
I think it’d rather just forget

Please forget me
And I’ll forget us
Can we forget the way we were
Track Name: Over The Edge
It’s those same sad eyes
Those distant familiar red eyes
Looking through me with all their honesty

I always thought that I was by myself
Holding on alone, I didn’t need anyone’s help
But now you've taken my hand and all the fear is gone
You’ve taken my hand and I’m ready to fall
Over the edge

This is us falling off the edge.