by Departures

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released January 7, 2010



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Track Name: To Those Concerned
Drawing blood from forgotten friends
In a vein attempt to feel normal again
No loving exits, no words to say
To the pieces of me you made me throw away

You destroyed my life
And these are the words I could never say,

This is your goodbye,
Fuck you
Track Name: Weak Before Winter
It's been two weeks since pulling out my first heart
All that's left is the anger, that was there from the start
Stuck in reverse down this one way street,
I try and hold my mouth but I can't fucking speak
I try and open my mouth, but only silence comes out

I wonder if she knew, I never flinched as I walked away

I turned our future fears into our nothing years,
That's been a month now, still haven't felt a thing
Feeling so hated for playing the honest game
Walking out your door, my heart begins to soar

This love I've abandoned never did look good on me
This love I've abandoned, was just one big fucking mistake

I wonder if she knew, I never flinched as I walked away
Track Name: Disappointment
This is the disappointment,
It's all unravelling

Passing out on these pillows that we used to share,
Lying to myself, helpless with myself
Thinking through dead end memories
What did you really mean to me?

Sick to my stomach
Of staring at these four walls
Its the saddest sight, I've not slept enough tonight
I've tried to talk myself out of this, but I'm all out of words

In this love story absent of the love,
Standing so close together
But our hearts are beating out of time,
Clasping hands so tightly but we're barely holding on

I have to let you know
This goodbye will leave a stain on my mind
And as these words linger on our lips,
With each dying breath we hang our heads

So as the train pulls away
I tell myself that I'm okay without you
And as my heart begins to pull away,
I tell myself it'll be okay
And I don't miss you,
I'm not missing you
Track Name: The View From Below
Everything's the same,feeling so fucking drained
Voice stretched out across discordant tones that fill up my life
Maybe I'm just wrapped up in self pity
Or maybe it's the thought of all this repetition

My head is pounding,
But it's only silence coming out these headphones

I'll wait forever on a tomorrow that never comes,
It's all I have

Driving but I can't see the road anymore,
I can never find the turn off
My tank is running so low
It's running scared because I've got nowhere to go

I've waited through this life,
Wading through a life I barely know as my own,
Giving up, instead of growing up
It's all I've ever known

The cycle has to end
And I'm still waiting

I'm still waiting for my guiding light to reignite

All my teenage dreams are coming back to laugh at me
But I'm climbing out this fucking hole
It's taking 24 years to dig

I'm waiting for my guiding light to reignite